DJ Lloydi - Mixes for your listening pleasure

I used to DJ back in the 90s but life, career, family etc took over as they do. Most of my old mixes are long gone, victim to several house moves/clear-outs and the short shelf-life of old analogue cassette tapes, but on this page are some that I have kept.

If you prefer, you can find my mixes - or some of them - on Mixcloud. You cannot download these mixes from Mixcloud, but you can from here 😃.

Some of the older, pre-digital vinyl-only mixes are available at the end of this page.

Digital DJ mixes

These mixes below were put together using Traktor Scratch Pro (recorded live, using pre-programmed cue points and looping sections on the fly as I saw fit), controlled by a Hercules RMX console. I had a couple of years during which I was able to experiment with new DJ tech and had a spurt of enthusiasm. And then kids arrived 😂

  • Prodigy Downtempo Growlers

    Cover art for 'Prodigy Downtempo Growlers' A small mix of some of the slower (and angrier-sounding) Prodigy tracks. Having completed a 2-hour megamix some years back which included mostly fast tracks, this has been on my action radar for a while. Includes a few new tracks from No Tourists. Put together in Traktor Scratch 3 with Kontrol S2 mixer/controller (a new toy!)


    1. Need Some1
    2. Fight Fire with Fire (feat. Ho99o9)
    3. Stand Up
    4. Molotov Bitch
    5. Weather Experience
    6. Poison
    7. No Tourists
    8. Diesel Power
    9. The Day Is My Enemy
    10. Medusas Path
    11. Under My Wheels (Remix)
    12. Wake Up Call
  • June 2012 Mix (of 2011 tracks!)

    Cover art for 'June 2012 Mix (of 2011 tracks!)' Having had twin babies arrive in December last year, there's been close to ZERO chance for me to do a mix, or even switch the DJ kit on! But one weekend they both slept for long enough one evening for me to get this one done. The tracks are not brand new - still got backlog from last year! Perhaps I should buy some new tunes ... [UPDATE] And this was the last mix I ever found time for :D


    1. Around The World, Original Mix - Arty
    2. One Love, Original Mix - TJR
    3. Doin' Ya Thang, Original Mix - Oliver $
    4. Give It Up, 2011 Edit - The Good Men
    5. Fucking House Musik, Original Club Mix - Stefano Noferini
    6. Front/Back, Original Mix - DallasK
    7. Promise Land, Original Mix - Umek
    8. You've Got The Love, Mark Knight Remix - Florence And The Machine
    9. Menage A Trois, Original Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
    10. Keep On Jumpin', Luigi Rocca Remix - Joey Negro, Z Factor
    11. Mathematics, Original Mix - Tuccillo
    12. Xpander, Funkagenda Remix - Sasha
    13. Dance, Original Mix - Spencer & Hill
    14. Let's Play (Na Na Na), Original Mix - Gary Caos
    15. Plastic Dreams, Koen Groeneveld Remix - Jaydee
    16. Just 4 You, Original Mix - Alex Kenji, Federico Scavo
    17. Starblazer, Original Mix - Deetron
    18. Where's Your Head At?, Stanton Warriors Mix - Basement Jaxx
  • Web Directions/@media 2011 Reception Mix

    Cover art for 'Web Directions/@media 2011 Reception Mix' Thinking "What would web geeks like?", this mix ended up being a mix of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Trent Reznor (Social Network soundtrack) and Prodigy, as well as some old skool hip hop classics. In short, not my usual approach! Couple of little glitches (I'm not going to airbrush 'em out!), but Ssssshhhh! Don't tell anybody; I don't think they noticed!


    1. Prelude - Pendulum
    2. Poison - The Prodigy
    3. Talkin' All That Jazz - Stetsasonic
    4. Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
    5. Step On - The Happy Mondays
    6. Diesel Power - The Prodigy
    7. Veredis Quo - Daft Punk
    8. Inspection Check One - Leftfield
    9. 99 Problems (Jay Z remix instrumental) - The Prodigy
    10. South Bronx - Boogie Down Productions
    11. The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
    12. The Son of Flynn (Remixed By Ki:Theory) - Daft Punk & Ki:Theory
    13. Gold Digger - Kanye West 8 Bit Style
    14. Block Rocking Beats - The Chemical Brothers
    15. Complication With Optimistic Outcome - Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
    16. Furious Angels - Rob Dougan
    17. Definitive Daft Punk (Mix) - Daft Punk/The Man In Blue
    18. Fuck Up Beats - The Chemical Brothers
    19. In Motion - Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
    20. Let's Make Out - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    21. Faxing Berlin - Deadmau5
    22. Genesis - Justice
    23. Illmerica - Wolfgang Gartner
    24. Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers
    25. The Island - Pendulum
    26. Battle Royale - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    27. Animal Rights - Deadmau5
    28. The Grid (Crstal Method Remix) - Daft Punk
    29. Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys
    30. Beautiful World - Mark Knight
    31. Hey Hey - Dennis Ferrer
    32. I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris
    33. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n Roses/Kleptones
    34. Funk Nasty - Andy Caldwell (ft Grandma Funk)
    35. Climbatize - The Prodigy
    36. Sofi Needs a Ladder - Deadmau5
    37. Rakfunk - Pryda
    38. Pacific Symphony - Transformer 2
    39. Tour de France - Kraftwerk
  • The Unimaginitively Titled Late February Mix

    Cover art for 'The Unimaginitively Titled Late February Mix' ... in which I take forever to get around to updating the track listings (as in, I STILL haven't). Rather than let this trifling detail hold things up any more, I'll simply put the mix up here for your listening pleasure. As always, there are some old classics thrown in for good measure along with the new ones. Can you name 'em? If so ... wanna write a tracklisting? ;)

  • December's Best of 2010 Mix

    Cover art for 'December's Best of 2010 Mix' I had some new tracks to mix but decided, for December, to skip them entirely and instead pick out my favourites from 2010 and see how many I could cram into a couple of hours' mixing. Plenty of floor-fillers in here. Happy Christmas!


    1. Some Chords: Original Mix - Deadmau5
    2. Together Forever (Make It House): Main Mix - Tiger Stripes
    3. Weapon Of Choice 2010 feat. Lazy Rich: Lazy Rich Remix - Fatboy Slim, Lazy Rich
    4. Apes From Space: Dirtyloud Remix - Aaren San
    5. Put 'Em High feat. Kelly Davis: Original Mix - Christian Falero, Adrian Villaverde
    6. Souk: Original Mix - Jay C, Felix Baumgartner
    7. Antidote: Original Club Mix - Mark Knight, Funkagenda
    8. Clovers And Acid: Original Mix - Mat Zo
    9. Funk Nasty feat. Gram'Ma Funk: Wolfgang Gartner Mix - Andy Caldwell
    10. Exceeder: Felguk Remix - Mason
    11. Ghettoblaster: Original Mix - Afrojack, Bobby Burns
    12. Arigato: David Jones Remix - Ant Brooks, Nathan C
    13. Raver Booty: Original Mix - Cold Blank
    14. Yin: Original Club Mix - Francis Preve, Wolfgang Gartner
    15. Age Of Love 2010: Original Mix - Franco Maldini
    16. Tomorrow: Original Club Mix - Jerome Isma-Ae, Paul Thomas
    17. Where You Are feat. Shawnee Taylor: Steve Angello Edit - Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor
    18. Bangduck: Original Mix - Afrojack
    19. Rox Sox: Original Mix - Uppermost
    20. Stupid Game feat. Klarita: Stefano Pain & Marcel Booty Mix - DJ Eako, Peppe Nastri
    21. Sofi Needs A Ladder: Original Mix - Deadmau5
    22. M.A.D.: Elite Force Mix - Hatiras, Vandal, JELO, Stanton Warriors
    23. Donut: Boy 8 Bit Remix - M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade
    24. Let It Rain: Original Mix - Simone Denny, Max Vangeli
    25. Mindcell: Original Mix - Hedflux
    26. Do It Do It: Original Mix - Addy Van Der Zwan, Koen Groeneveld
    27. Unleash The F**king Dada: Original Mix - Dada Life
    28. La Tromba: Riva Starr Remix - LYS, Lake
    29. Conscindo: Original Club Mix - Mark Knight, Wolfgang Gartner
    30. Miami 2 Ibiza: Instrumental - Swedish House Mafia
    31. Better Run: Afrojack Remix - Tocadisco, Nadia Ali
    32. I Said: Michael Woods Remix - Chris Lake, Deadmau5
    33. Louder Than Words feat. Niles Mason: Original Mix - David Guetta, Afrojack
    34. La Bombo: Funkagenda Remix - Paul Thomas
    35. Illmerica: Extended Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
    36. Dynasty feat. Haley: Dada Life - Kaskade, Haley
    37. 21st Century Disco Shit: Miles Dyson Remix - The Soulbrothers
    38. Pulling Me Under feat. Wray: Original Mix - Richard Dinsdale
    39. Cum On: Original Mix - Alex Guesta
    40. Chase The Sun: Original Mix - David Tort, Norman Doray
    41. Hype The Funk: Hirshee Mix - Critical
    42. The Music: Original Mix - Electrixx
    43. Lmaoblade: Original Club Mix - Funkagenda
    44. 303: Bastian Van Shield Remix - Spencer & Hill
    45. Go Deeper feat. Erire: Original Mix - Chris Kaeser
    46. Devil Walking: Original Club Mix - Mark Knight
    47. Just Won't Do feat. Sam Obernik: ATFC & Warren Clarke Re-Vamp - Tim Deluxe, Analog People In A Digital World
    48. Animal Rights: Original Mix - Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner
    49. Gangsterdam: Original Mix - Oliver Twizt
    50. Going Back To My Roots: STFU Mix - STFU
    51. Undertaker: Original Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
    52. Funkatron: Original Mix - Dr. Kucho!
    53. Pacha On Acid: Original Mix - Afrojack
    54. Memory: Uppermost Remix - Jewelz, Swen Weber
    55. My Feelings For You: Original Mix - Sebastien Drums, Avicii
    56. Liftered: Original Mix - Libex, Lrm
    57. She Gave Happiness: Arty Remix - D-Mad
    58. Thrive: EDX's Fe5tival Mix - EDX
  • The Long Overdue November Mix

    Cover art for 'The Long Overdue November Mix' Another few months pass by and due to various commitments I've not done a mix. Well, obviousy that drought is now over. Bit of a mixture here - some brand spanking new choons, a bit of a Toolroom Records blitz (well, I got a couple of albums and there were so many to chose from) and some more old classics thrown in for good measure. As ever, hope you enjoy!


    [Tracklisting may not be 100% in correct order!]

    1. The Button, Original Dub Mix - Thomas Gold
    2. Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfold
    3. Put 'Em High feat. Kelly Davis, Original Mix - Christian Falero, Adrian Villaverde
    4. Mortal Coil, Original Mix - Hugo, Marshall (aka Luigi Rocca)
    5. Lazy (Norman Cook Remix) - XPress 2
    6. Tomorrow, Original Club Mix - Jerome Isma-Ae, Paul Thomas
    7. Where You Are feat. Shawnee Taylor, Steve Angello Edit - Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor
    8. Jam Sax, Original Club Mix - Sergio Fernandez
    9. Sofi Needs A Ladder, Original Mix - Deadmau5
    10. Stupid Game feat. Klarita, Stefano Pain & Marcel Booty Mix - DJ Eako, Peppe Nastri
    11. Drinking Piano, Jones Mix - David Jones, Ron May
    12. Plastic Dreams - Jaydee
    13. Break 4 Luv - Raze
    14. Do It Do It, Original Mix - Addy Van Der Zwan, Koen Groeneveld
    15. Mary Go Wild, Nicky Romero Remix - Grooveyard
    16. Unleash The F**king Dada, Original Mix - Dada Life
    17. So Flute - St Germain
    18. Illmerica, Extended Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
    19. La Bombo, Funkagenda Remix - Paul Thomas
    20. Let Me Show You - K-Klass
    21. Ze Demo, Original Club Mix - Tong & Rogers
    22. Morning After (Sunrise Mix) - Fallout
    23. Tonco Tone, Original Mix - Chocolate Puma
    24. The Music, Original Mix - Electrixx
    25. My Vision - Jakatta
    26. Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald
    27. Less Go, Porter Robinson Remix - Spencer & Hill
    28. Overdrive, Original Club Mix - Patric La Funk, Timo Becker
    29. Stopover, Original Club Mix - Mark Knight, Dirty South
    30. Drop The Pressure - Mylo
    31. Nitro, Original Club Mix - Michael Woods
    32. Saving Grace, Original Club Mix - Matt Samuels
    33. Gospel, Super Flu's Antichrist Remix - Format:B
    34. Afterclub feat. Big Ed, Riva Starr Remix - Funkagenda
    35. Drug Music, Kim Fai Remix - Mark Knight
    36. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
    37. Le Voie Le Soleil - Subliminal Cuts
    38. The Super Smashing Great August Mix

      Cover art for 'The Super Smashing Great August Mix' I tried something a little different in this mix. I had put together a few standalone mashups a short while back, and decided to drop them all in to this one mix. The title is a Jim Bowen reference. Why? No reason at all. I just get bored naming this shit. Oh, and in case you're wondering about the cover art ... you need to see this crazy old DJ. That's what it's all about!


      1. Bamboleo, Markus Binapfl's New Skool Funk Dub - Denis The Menace
      2. Together Forever (Make It House), Main Mix - Tiger Stripes
      3. Souk/Strings of Life - Jay C, Felix Baumgartner/Rhythim Is Rhythim (Mashup by Lloydi)
      4. Tenderoni - Kele
      5. Funk Nasty feat. Gram'Ma Funk, Wolfgang Gartner Mix - Andy Caldwell
      6. We Come 1 - Faithless
      7. Funk Phenomena - Armand Van Helden
      8. Is Mine (Digital Only), Original Mix - Jay Lumen
      9. Better Forget, Original Mix - The House Keepers
      10. Raw, Workidz & Randall State Of Flux Remix - David Amo, Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti
      11. Passion - Gat Decor
      12. Fleck, Original Mix - F. Physical
      13. Papua New Guinea - The Future Sound Of London
      14. Gotta Move, Original Mix - Addy Van Der Zwan, Koen Groeneveld
      15. Let It Rain, Original Mix - Simone Denny, Max Vangeli
      16. Pacific Symphony Too - Transformer 2
      17. Conscindo, Original Club Mix - Mark Knight, Wolfgang Gartner
      18. Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Vocal Mix) - Sandy B
      19. Cut To The Top Feat. Reverend Beat-Man, Original Mix - Round Table Knights, Reverend Beat-Man
      20. Professional Widow feat. Rachel, BB Edit - DJ Josh Blackwell, Miss Babayaga DJ
      21. Till Tonight feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn, Chris Kaeser Remix - Laidback Luke
      22. Genesis - Justice
      23. The Morning After/Blue Monday - Fallout/New Order (Mashup by Lloydi)
      24. The Mighty Ming, Original Club Mix - Dave Seaman, Funkagenda
      25. Alright 2010 feat. Hardwell, Original Mix - Red Carpet, Hardwell
      26. Chase The Sun, Original Mix - David Tort, Norman Doray
      27. The Island, Pt. I (Dawn) - Pendulum
      28. The Island, Pt. II (Dusk) - Pendulum
      29. Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Edit) - Robin S
      30. 303, Bastian Van Shield Remix/All The Lovers - Spencer & Hill/Kylie Minogue (Mashup by Lloydi)
      31. You Got, Original Mix - Patrick M
      32. M.S.B.O.Y., Original Mix - Pryda
      33. Nonsense, Original Mix - The Swing Kids
      34. Air Breaks, Original Club Mix - Koen Groeneveld
      35. At Night/Voyager - Dave Spoon/Daft Punk (Mashup by Lloydi)
      36. KNAS, Original Mix - Steve Angello
      37. Speak The Secret feat. Neve, Thomas Gold Dub - Pete Griffiths
      38. Skin On Skin (Orange) - Grace
      39. Spinning Around, Tommyboy Remix - Crazibiza
      40. Pacha On Acid/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Afrojack/Daft Punk (Mashup by Lloydi)
      41. Thrive, EDX's Fe5tival Mix - EDX
    39. June 2010 pt 1 - The Harder Mix

      Cover art for 'June 2010 pt 1 - The Harder Mix' This was an interesting one. I did this without headphones, without pre-checking the tracks I was going to mix and relying *solely* on the re-prepared cue points and beat grids I'd set up. No external controllers or soundcards, just the laptop and built-in speakers. Basically, I just loaded up each track, jump to the point in the track I think will work and hope for the best. Why did I do it like this? For the hell of it, nothing more!


      1. Zebraland, Original Mix - Lewis Lastella
      2. Follow Me feat. Eleonora Rossi, Original Extended Mix - Morris Corti, Mariospray
      3. Exceeder, Felguk Remix - Mason
      4. Raver Booty, Original Mix - Cold Blank
      5. A Girl Like You, Spencer & Hill Remix - Yanou
      6. Bangduck, Original Mix - Afrojack
      7. M.A.D., Elite Force Mix - Hatiras, Vandal, JELO, Stanton Warriors
      8. Oldschool, Club Mix - Spencer & Hill
      9. Mindcell, Original Mix - Hedflux
      10. La Tromba, Riva Starr Remix - LYS, Lake
      11. 19909, Original Mix - Beckers, D-Nox
      12. 21st Century Disco Shit, Miles Dyson Remix - The Soulbrothers
      13. Falling, Noferini & Marini Mash Up Mix - Laselva
      14. Wanna Get Next To You, Original Mix - Whiskey Pete, Soundpusher
      15. Operator feat. Blake Lewis, Miles Dyson Remix - Uberzone
      16. Go Deeper feat. Erire, Original Mix - Chris Kaeser
      17. Going Back To My Roots, STFU Mix - STFU
    40. June 2010 pt 2 - The Softer Mix

      Cover art for 'June 2010 pt 2 - The Softer Mix' So that one above was the so-called 'harder' mix, thus this one is the softer. Bah! It's still housey-housey duf-duf music at the end of the day. And hey, I used headphones on this one (AKA, I didn't wing it). I think I overused tracks by Pryda on this one ... but they so nice!


      1. Leek feat. Luciouz, Libex Remix - Diamond, Louis
      2. Saxone, Original Mix - Criminal Vibes
      3. Arigato, David Jones Remix - Ant Brooks, Nathan C
      4. Age Of Love 2010, Original Mix - Franco Maldini
      5. Dot Bomb, Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston Remix - John Acquaviva, Ramon Zenker
      6. Inspiration, Original Mix - Pryda
      7. Soho, Original Mix - Julian Jeweil
      8. Emos, Original Mix - Pryda
      9. Pushin' Too Hard, Nic Fanciulli Remix - Saints & Sinners
      10. Swedish Beauty, Original Mix - Max Vangeli, AN21
      11. Fall Into Me, Marco Passarani Remix - Fuckpony
      12. Viro, Original Mix - Pryda
      13. La Tromba, Riva Starr Remix - LYS, Lake
      14. Dark Beat (Addicted 2 Drums), Chus & Ceballos Mix - Oscar G., Ralph Falcon
      15. Power People, Tim Cook Remix - Moonface
      16. Kyoto (Nessie!), Antillas Dirty Club Mix - Antillas, Carl Fath
      17. Tease Me, Original Mix - Butch
      18. Let's Groove, Original Mix - George Morel
      19. Shakedown, Bass Kleph Remix - Joan Reyes
      20. She's Got My Heart, Uner & Coyu Remix - Noir, WestBoy
      21. Hurt People Hurt People, Original Mix - Silicone Soul
      22. The Gift, Gui Boratto's Fallopian Remix - Way Out West

      Did these get used? Cannee remember!

      1. Feel My Body, Chriss Ortega Mix - Nicola Fasano, Frank O' Moiraghi
      2. I Don't Love You No More, Jerry Ropero Remix, Robbie Groove Re-edit - DJ Eako, Robbie Groove, Lello Mascolo
      3. Burujava, Original Vibes Mix - Stefano Noferini
      4. Beachball, Joris Voorn Remix - Nalin, Kane
    41. @media/Web Directions 2010, reception mix

      Cover art for '@media/Web Directions 2010, reception mix' The day before @Media London, organiser John Allsopp casually mentioned in an email that he'd thought about asking me "if I'd be able to DJ, but it's complicated now". Nope, it's not ... And one day later I was there, playing for the conference attendees. Archived here for your listening pleasure :)


      1. Antidote, Original Club Mix - Mark Knight, Funkagenda
      2. Apes From Space, Dirtyloud Remix - Aaren San
      3. Waves, Original Mix - Pryda
      4. Intro, Original Mix - Alan Braxe, Fred Falke
      5. My Love - Funkagenda
      6. Jackin It Tommy Largo Remix - Gramaphonedzie
      7. Disco Falls, Original Mix - Digital Freq
      8. Rox Sox, Original Mix - Uppermost
      9. Downpipe, Original Club Mix - D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld
      10. Bleeep!, Original Club Mix - Martijn Ten Velden, Lucien Foort
      11. Raindrops (Funkagenda and Paul Thompson Remix) - Basement Jaxx
      12. Donut, Boy 8 Bit Remix - M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade
      13. Xpander, 12" Remastered Version - Sasha
      14. Me & Myself (Wolfgang Gartner Club Mix) - Ben DJ and Sushy
      15. Louder Than Words feat. Niles Mason, Original Mix - David Guetta, Afrojack
      16. Phantom, Part II Soulwax Remix - Justice
      17. Blue Monday - New Order
      18. Dynasty feat. Haley, Dada Life - Kaskade, Haley
      19. Brothers, Original Mix - Darmon, Eran Hersh
      20. Kyoto (Nessie!), Antillas Dirty Club Mix - Antillas, Carl Fath
      21. Lmaoblade, Original Club Mix - Funkagenda
      22. 303, Bastian Van Shield Remix - Spencer & Hill
      23. Devil Walking, Original Club Mix - Mark Knight
      24. At Night, Original Mix - Dave Spoon
      25. Just Won't Do feat. Sam Obernik, ATFC & Warren Clarke Re-Vamp - Tim Deluxe, Analog People In A Digital World
      26. Community Funk, Deadmau5 Remix - Burufunk, Carbon Community
      27. My Feelings For You, Original Mix - Sebastien Drums, Avicii
      28. Pacha On Acid, Original Mix - Afrojack
      29. She Gave Happiness, Arty Remix - D-Mad
      30. Vocal Chords, Original Mix - Claude VonStroke
      31. La La Land, Extended Mix - Green Velvet
      32. Situation [12" Remix] - Yazoo
      33. Mars, Original Mix - Fake Blood
      34. Mad World - Tears For Fears
      35. Weapon Of Choice 2010 feat. Lazy Rich, Lazy Rich Remix - Fatboy Slim, Lazy Rich
      36. Some Chords, Original Mix - Deadmau5
      37. Strobe, Club Edit - Deadmau5
      38. Fire Power - Wolfgang Gartner
      39. The Man With The Red Face, Video Mix - Laurent Garnier
      40. Take me to the Hospital - The Prodigy
    42. House Mix - February 2010

      Cover art for 'House Mix - February 2010' Arrrgh! A glitch at the beginning of this mix (about 15 minutes in) in tries its best to derail things. Flaming audio recorder threw a wobbly. Small glitch aside, this is another mix that I'm happy with, if not somewhat amazed given that it was done while knocking back endless amounts of lager with my mate Nick. Better fun than going down the pub and spending 3 quid a pint and listening to shit music, eh? Make your own fun and all that. No more mixes for February, so enjoy this.


      1. You FPS Remix - Steve Mac, Paul Harris
      2. Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) - MSTRKRFT, AL P, JKF, John Legend
      3. Bolingo Grigo Original Mix - Andreas Henneberg, Simon2
      4. Miami Vice Original Mix - DJ PP
      5. Up feat. Jay Rocves Cllub Mix - Christian Weber
      6. Yin Original Club Mix - Francis Preve, Wolfgang Gartner
      7. My Love - Funkagenda
      8. Jackin It Tommy Largo Remix - Gramaphonedzie
      9. Sloane Original Mix - Chris Lake, LYS
      10. Bleeep! Original Club Mix - Martijn Ten Velden, Lucien Foort
      11. 88 Mark Knight & Funkagenda Remix - Dave Spoon
      12. Raindrops (Funkagenda and Paul Thompson Remix) - Basement Jaxx
      13. Donut Boy 8 Bit Remix - M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade
      14. Two Dots feat. Vilja Larjosto Original Mix - Lusine
      15. Me and Myself (Wolfgang Gartner UK Edit) - Ben DJ, Sushy
      16. I Said Michael Woods Remix - Chris Lake, Deadmau5
      17. Pulling Me Under feat. Wray Original Mix - Richard Dinsdale
      18. Cum On Original Mix - Alex Guesta
      19. Hype The Funk Hirshee Mix - Critical
      20. Changes (Funkagenda Vocal Remix) - Chris Lake
      21. Gangsterdam Original Mix - Oliver Twizt
      22. Undertaker Original Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
      23. Funkatron Original Mix - Dr. Kucho!
      24. Memory Uppermost Remix - Jewelz, Swen Weber
      25. Everytime (Funkagenda Remix) - Lustral
      26. I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) - Tiesto and Sneaky Soundsystem
    43. Old Skool Electro - Jan 2010

      Cover art for 'Old Skool Electro - Jan 2010' Back in the days before hip hop turned all dark and moody and when people wore really bad tracksuits thinking it would help them with their 'cool breakdancer' look, Electro was what all the B-Boys listened to. On the east coast, Miami Bass ruled, while LA claimed the electro crown on the west coast. Anyway, enough of the history lesson ... this is some old electro shit right here. It's a pain in the arse to mix, because while the tracks seem like tight production, the producers can't edit for shit and so it's a nightmare keeping stuff in sync. This was take 5 ;-)


      1. Bass Generator - Dynamix II
      2. Machine Language - Dynamix II
      3. DJ 'n' Effect - DJ Battlecat
      4. Give The DJ A Break - Dynamix II
      5. Tour De France - Kraftwerk
      6. Jam, It's Time - Matrix
      7. Revenge Of The X Men - The X Men
      8. We Want To Rock You - MC Sway & DJ King Tech
      9. Robocop - The Sleeze boyz
      10. Breakdown - The Unknown DJ
      11. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
      12. Al Naafiysh - Hashim
      13. Clear - Cybotron
      14. Hack One - Hakattak
      15. Running - The Information Society
    44. January Mop-up! - Jan 2010

      Cover art for 'January Mop-up! - Jan 2010' A collection of (mostly) laid-back house tracks that didn't make it into some of the other mixes that I've put together recently, hence it's a 'mop-up'. But don't let that put you off ;)


      1. Free Your Mind (Amfibius Recordings) Winter Nightz Mix - One Fingered Pocket
      2. No More, Anymore! (Toes In The Sand Digital) Elusive Remix - Matthew Adams
      3. Are You Gonna Go My Way 2010 Dario Nunez Remix - Oscar Cano, Freddy Marquez
      4. Who's Afraid Of Detroit? Original Mix - Claude VonStroke
      5. Zul Original Mix - Dario Nunez, DJ Montxo
      6. Point In Time (Playloop Records) Micros ReverseRide - Microstar
      7. In The Disco Original Mix - The Black Project
      8. Sweat (On The Walls) Original Mix - John Tejada
      9. Vocal Chords Tim Green Remix - Claude VonStroke
      10. 2 After 909 Original Mix - Justus Kohncke
      11. The Darkened Component (Num Records) Original Mix - Lee Van Dowski
      12. Diamond Heads Original Mix (Digital Only) - Pan-Pot
      13. Matador Original Mix - Anton Pieete, Paul Ritch
      14. Side A Original Mix - Layo & Bushwacka
      15. Air Miles 2000 And One & DJ Madskillz - Christian Smith, Reset Robot
      16. Pluce (Railyard Recordings) Original Mix - Sean Palm
      17. La La Land Extended Mix - Green Velvet
      18. Good Life Original Mix - Kim Fai
      19. Mars Original Mix - Fake Blood
    45. House/Tech House House Mix - End Jan 2010

      Cover art for 'House/Tech House House Mix - End Jan 2010' This mix overlaps slightly with the House/Tech house mix I did in December (see further down), but some new tracks in here too that I bought, had not had a proper listen through but threw them in to the mix anyway. Strangely, it worked out well :-)


      1. Lollipop Machine Original Mix - Roman Salzger
      2. Strobe Club Edit - Deadmau5
      3. Fire Power Original Mix - Wolfgang Gartner
      4. Ghettoblaster Original Mix - Afrojack, Bobby Burns
      5. Killer Jean Elan Mix - Jean Elan
      6. Bitch Ass Trick Original Version - Starkillers
      7. Better Run Afrojack Remix - Tocadisco, Nadia Ali
      8. Flick A Switch DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix - The Loops Of Fury
      9. I Like It 2010 Tune Brothers Alert Mix - Tune Brothers
      10. 1998 DJ Phunk & 3Am Mix - Pacific Wave
      11. Party Of Politics Original Club Mix - EDX
      12. More Than Friends Nhan & Taan's Electro Boogie Mix - Fukkk Offf
      13. Community Funk Deadmau5 Remix - Burufunk, Carbon Community
      14. Liftered Original Mix - Libex, Lrm
      15. The Dozens Original Mix - Fake Blood
    46. House/Tech House/Progressive House Mix - Jan 2010

      Cover art for 'House/Tech House/Progressive House Mix - Jan 2010' The whole purpose of this mix was to ensure that everything flowed smoothly *in key*, not just beat mixing, so the playlist was built around that (oh, and I also wanted to put in the house tracks that I thought were just too long to listen to unmixed on account of the ball-achingly long intro and outro beats, taking the best bits in effect!). Got to say, I love the way some of this stuff fits together, one of the smoothest mixes I've ever done :-)


      1. Paeonia Original Mix - Egostereo
      2. Wir Werden Sehen Solomun Vox Remix - 2Raumwohnung
      3. Strobe Club Edit - Deadmau5
      4. Dance The Way I Feel Armand Van Helden Club Mix - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
      5. Mosquito Original Mix - Channel X
      6. The Swarm feat. Domgue Original Mix - Sierra Sam
      7. Clovers And Acid Original Mix - Mat Zo
      8. Scratch And Bite Original Mix - Les Schmitz, Alex Del Amo
      9. Cool Summer Original Dirty Mix - Stefano Noferini
      10. Disco Falls Original Mix - Digital Freq
      11. Flauta Magica - Mark Knight, Funkagenda
      12. Greasy Beats feat. Bootsy Collins Funk Bomb Mix - Claude VonStroke
      13. Killa Sound HeavyFeet Remix - DJ Zinc
      14. Downpipe Original Club Mix - D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld
      15. Soul Makossa Chocolate Puma Makossa Beats - Shovell, The Latin Hooligans
      16. Get Down Original Mix - Jewelz
      17. Mistral Anton Pieete Remix - Christian Smith, John Selway
      18. Sweep (Renaissance) Jim Rivers Dub - Blue Foundation
      19. Thriller David Jones Mix - David Jones, Aqua Diva
      20. Work The Week Original Mix - Nic Fanciulli
      21. Knocking On Glass, Revolution Vocal Mix - Alistair Albrecht, Felix Baumgartner
      22. Come Get My Lovin' feat. Marcella Woods Plastik Funk Remix - Paul Gardner, Hugh Gunnell
      23. Ryu Laidback Luke Edit - Avicii
      24. Shanghai Spinner Joey Beltram Remix - Oliver Huntemann
      25. Question Original Club Mix - Adam K, Soha
      26. Kidsos Original Mix - Sebastian Ingrosso
      27. Electronic Love Club Mix - Christian Weber
      28. Sweet Devil Original Mix - Pirupa, Pigi
      29. West End Girls (2009) Club Mix - James Talk, Ridney
      30. Good Times Original Mix - Mark Knight, Funkagenda
      31. Hold That Sucker Down Original Mix - Jerome Isma Ae
      32. Make Me Feel feat. Colette Original Mix - Santiago & Bushido
      33. Exhale Original Mix - Daniel Portman
      34. Vocal Chords Original Mix - Claude VonStroke
      35. Aflon Original Mix - Pryda
      36. Little Bird (Acapella) - Annie Lennox
    47. More old skool hardcore rave classics - Jan 2010

      Cover art for 'More old skool hardcore rave classics - Jan 2010' Another mix put together (partly) from suggestions from people over on the VW forum I sometimes lurk on. Armed with 8 bottles of beer, I put this lot together. Two and a quarter hours long with 45 tracks, there should be plenty of your fave old rave tracks in here. As ever, enjoy!


      1. Hardcore Uproar - Together
      2. Elevation - Expansions
      3. Dominator - Human Resource
      4. Mr Kirk's Nightmare - 4 Hero
      5. Malfunction - N-Joi
      6. Rhythm Zone - N-Joi
      7. 40 Miles - Congress
      8. I Want You - Carl Cox
      9. Anasthasia - T99
      10. Dance With Power - Bass Construction
      11. Q - Mental Cube
      12. Time to Move - Engineer's Revenge
      13. Rave Generator - Toxic 2
      14. Roobarb & Custard - Shaft
      15. Good TImes - Keith Mac
      16. Green Man - Shut Up & Dance
      17. Hardcore Heaven - DJ Seduction
      18. Lock Up - Zero B
      19. NHS - Doc Scott
      20. Right Before - 1st Prodject
      21. Sounds of Euro - Engineer's Revenge
      22. We Gonna Get - RAF
      23. You and Me - DJ Seduction
      24. Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) - Bizzare Inc
      25. Closer To All Your Dreams - Rhythm Quest
      26. Come On - DJ Seduction
      27. Get Down - MDEmm
      28. I Want Your Love - Enigmatist
      29. Hardcore Innovator - Sonic Experience
      30. Pacman - Powerpill
      31. Hold It Down - 2 Bad Mice
      32. I Know I Can Make It - KZ1
      33. Mental Techno - Tronik House
      34. Can You Feel It - Elevation
      35. 88 To Piano - Mainx
      36. Hardcore Will Never Die - Q Bass
      37. Hurt You So - Jonny L
      38. Under the Influence - DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini
      39. Baptised by Dub - Criminal Minds
      40. Compnded (Edge *1) - Gordon Edge
      41. DJ Business - Mystery Man
      42. Close Your Eyes (Overdose Mix) - Acen
      43. Drum Trip II - 2 Bad Mice
      44. Oblivion (Head In The Clouds) - Mainx
      45. Voice of Buddha - Aurora
    48. Prodigy Megamix

      Cover art for 'Prodigy Megamix' Just under 2 hours of Prodigy, mixed live using Traktor Pro. Tracks from all albums available at the time (this predates 'The Day Is My Enemy' and 'No Tourists') and the early EPs on XL Recordings. Prodigy lovers the world over, enjoy. And the good news? I still have another 47 tracks that I didn't fit into here, so there may be a part two!


      1. Omen Reprise - The Prodigy
      2. Take Me To The Hospital - The Prodigy
      3. Funky Shit - The Prodigy
      4. Get Up Get Off - The Prodigy
      5. Phoenix - The Prodigy
      6. Breathe - The Prodigy
      7. Warrior's Dance (Kicks Like a Mule Remix) - The Prodigy
      8. Climbatize - The Prodigy
      9. Android - The Prodigy
      10. Everybody In The Place (Original) - The Prodigy
      11. What Evil Lurks - The Prodigy
      12. Thunder - The Prodigy
      13. We Gonna Rock - The Prodigy
      14. Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
      15. Your Love - The Prodigy
      16. Break and Enter - The Prodigy
      17. Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy
      18. Fire (Sunrise Version) - The Prodigy
      19. Jericho - The Prodigy
      20. Omen - The Prodigy
      21. Skylined - The Prodigy
      22. World's On Fire - The Prodigy
      23. Firestarter - The Prodigy
      24. No Good (Start The Dance) - The Prodigy
      25. Speedway - The Prodigy
      26. Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Version) - The Prodigy
      27. We Are The Ruffest - The Prodigy
      28. Wind It Up - The Prodigy
      29. Out of Space - The Prodigy
      30. Voodoo People - The Prodigy
      31. Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) - The Prodigy
      32. Claustrophobic Sting - The Prodigy
      33. Heat - The Prodigy
      34. Full Throttle - The Prodigy
      35. Everybody in the Place (155 and Rising) - The Prodigy
    49. Prodigy Megamix - Just the Hits

      Cover art for 'Prodigy Megamix - Just the Hits' Or *mostly* hits. Having done a 2-hour Prodigy megamix, I played it in the car. My wife said "It's good ... but there are a lot of tracks I don't know. Can you do one for me only with the ones I know?" So this is what I did! Sort of (* OK, so there are a couple here that aren't chart hits - they're just more recent ones that my wife knows from listening to Invaders Must Die album! Regardless, enjoy!)


      1. Take Me To The Hospital - The Prodigy
      2. Breathe - The Prodigy
      3. Thunder - The Prodigy
      4. Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
      5. Warriors Dance - The Prodigy
      6. Fire (Sunrise Version) - The Prodigy
      7. Invaders Must Die (Liam H Re-amped Version) - The Prodigy
      8. Omen - The Prodigy
      9. Firestarter - The Prodigy
      10. World's On Fire - The Prodigy Must Die
      11. No Good (Start The Dance) - The Prodigy
      12. Wind It Up - The Prodigy
      13. Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Version) - The Prodigy
      14. Your Love (Remix) - The Prodigy
      15. Colours - The Prodigy
      16. Voodoo People - The Prodigy
      17. Everybody in the Place (155 and Rising) - The Prodigy
      18. Piranha - The Prodigy
      19. Run With The Wolves - The Prodigy
    50. VZI Old Skool Request Mix

      Cover art for 'VZI Old Skool Request Mix' I fancied putting together a mix made up entirely of songs by request from the people on the Volkswagen forum I lurk on. Would it work? Would it be a bit pants? Perhaps a bit of both? Towards the end I had all but given up on it, but I share it here nonetheless! Overall, I think the process of asking for requests worked quite well though.


      1. Meltdown - Quartz
      2. The Sun Rising - Beloved
      3. Acid Tracks - Phuture
      4. Don't Hold Back - Blapps Posse
      5. Salsa House - Richie Rich
      6. Total Confusion (Confusion mix) - A Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funky Dread
      7. Passion - Gat Decors
      8. Don't Stop The Rock - Freestyle Express
      9. Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco
      10. French Kiss - Lil Louis
      11. Gotta Turn the Music Up - MC Showbiz and the Lap 1 Crew
      12. Rock This Place - Mr Lee
      13. Dextrous - Nightmares On Wax
      14. LFO - LFO
      15. Radio Babylon - Meat Beat Manifesto
      16. Humanoid - Stakker
      17. Let Me Show You - K-Klass
      18. The Bee - The Scientist
      19. My Sound - Beltram
      20. Tainted Love - Impedence
      21. Horsepower - CJ Bolland
      22. Don't Go - Awesome 3
      23. On - Aphex Twin
      24. Let Me Be Your Fantasy - Baby D
      25. Sweet Harmony - Liquid
      26. Dreams (Original) - Quench
      27. On A Ragga Tip - SL2
      28. Hypnosis (SL2 Remix) - Psychotropic
    51. Tech/Electro House Mix - Dec '09

      Cover art for 'Tech/Electro House Mix - Dec '09' The first mix that I put together using the new tech (or, the first one that I put together that I was happy with, having learnt the ropes with the new tech!). Quite a few banging tracks on here - hope you like it!


      1. Lollipop Machine (Original Mix) - Roman Salzger
      2. Fire Power (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner
      3. Like This! (Nari & Milani Club Mix) - Unconditional
      4. 6 Million (Original Thrashing Rave Mix) - Hatiras
      5. Killer (Jean Elan Mix) - Jean Elan
      6. Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Claude VonStroke
      7. Going Underground (Original Mix) - Muzzaik
      8. Downpipe (Original Club Mix) - D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld
      9. Cool (Afrojack Remix) - Spencer & Hill
      10. Serious (Original Mix) - Jean Elan
      11. Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner
      12. Latin Fever (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner
      13. Flick A Switch (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix) - The Loops Of Fury
      14. Granny Grams (Original Vocal Mix) - Hatiras
      15. Disco Decay (Felguk Mix) - Neelix
      16. Play It Loud (Original Mix) - Far Too Loud
      17. Shake It (Original Mix) - Skinny
      18. Trash House Music (Original Mix) - Dirtyloud
      19. At Night (Original Mix) - Dave Spoon
      20. Bad Girl (At Night) feat. Lisa Maffia (Beat Vandals Remix) - Dave Spoon
      21. Keyboard Cat (Original Mix) - Bass Kleph
      22. More Than Friends (Nhan & Taan's Electro Boogie Mix) - Fukkk Offf
      23. Disco Recordz (Original Mix) - Dirtyloud
      24. You're No Good For Me (Original Mix) - Gareth Wyn
      25. Soul Heaven (Original Mix) - LYS, My Digital Enemy
      26. The Dozens (Original Mix) - Fake Blood
      27. When Love Takes Over - David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland
      28. The Man with the Red Face - Laurent Garnier

    Vinyl mixes - just two SL1210s and a mixer!

    These were mixed on the trusty Technics turntables and recorded straight in to the computer, so no dodgy tape hiss here. Tracklistings are available for each. Enjoy.